B.Sc. Ophthalmic / Optometry Technology (BOOT)

B.Sc. Ophthalmic / Optometry Technology (BOOT)

Bachelor Course


03 years (Full time) - Divided into 6 Semesters

Bachelor Level

1st Year (1st and 2nd Semester)

  1. Basic Human Sciences
  2. Communicative English
  3. Computer Application
  4. Physical and Geometrical Optics
  5. Properties of Light
  6. Principle of Reflection and Refraction
  7. Lenses and their Combination and Images
  8. Visual Angle and Visual Acuity Structure
  9. Visual Axes, Angles, Vertex Power and Vergence
  10. Optical Aberrations

2nd Year (3rd and 4th Semester)

  1. Methods of Examination of the Eye
  2. History Taking
  3. Vision, Ocular Adnexa and External
  4. Examination of the Anterior Segment
  5. Examination of the Posterior Segment
  6. Investigations
  7. Special Investigations Related to Ophthalmology
  8. Community Health
  9. Concepts in Community Health
  10. Health For All and Primary Health Care
  11. Basics of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  12. Prevention of Blindness
  13. Health Insurance

3rd Year (5th and 6th Semester)

  1. Hospital Acquaintance
  2. Definition and Classification of Hospitals
  3. Hospital Organisation
  4. Public Relation and Image of Hospital
  5. Outpatient Services and Accident and Emergency Services
  6. Operation Theatre and Indoor Patient Department
  7. Project Work /Dissertation
  8. Revision & Internal Examination
  9. Practical and Demonstration Will be Done on the Basis of Theory

4th Year: Internship

Eligibility: 12th (PCB) With Minimum 45% Marks