Impact of Covid -19 on Paramedical Education

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The present global COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous effect on the existing education system. It is a known fact that many education organizations like colleges, universities, and institutions were shut down on a temporary basis.

As per the advisory issued by the government of India the students are to stay at their respective homes and not to go out frequently, until and unless it is an emergency. This has naturally impacted the 3.7 crore students and approximately 14 lac teachers. The pandemic has also brought about a slowdown in the admission process this year.

However, the paramedical courses demand has seen a rise.

During the present pandemic situation, healthcare services have been overwhelmed as there has been a scarcity of skilled paramedical professionals. The present scenario has shown us that we need more paramedical professionals than ever.

With the increasing prevalence of COVID- 19 worldwide we would armies of paramedical healthcare professionals. Shortage of paramedical professionals during the COVID-19 has been a huge problem as only doctors are not enough to treat the patients.

A paramedic professional is someone who supports the doctors and other healthcare workers to achieve better outcomes during diagnosis and treatments. In the last few years, paramedical science has become one of the most vital and studied branches of medical science.

Mostly all the diagnostic procedures are done by the paramedical staff in a hospital setting. The paramedic professionals have become an important part for an effective healthcare system. The population explosion and the interlinking of the public and private sectors have unwrapped numerous gates of opportunities for the extremely skilled paramedics across the globe.

Paramedics have arisen as the most vital players in the healthcare sector. In the absence of paramedics, the whole healthcare industry would become non-operational. It is a known the fact that the planning commission report of India mentioned that the country is in need of at least 6 lac paramedical professionals .

This is why the paramedical courses are in huge demand and this demand will increase even more post-COVID-19 state as then will have patients in rural areas where we need to position paramedic professionals for patient care as first responders.

Paramedical courses will see a boom in the future and because of this , more number of students are joining this course and are willing to help the community and make a positive impact in this world. Paramedic workforces are responsible for providing medical care and saving many lives every year.

One can opt to become a paramedic and give your career a new start. We know that if we need humankind to live on, we would need more skilled paramedics and it is the right time for any student to opt for this career and pursue paramedical courses. The field not only provides social benefits but also reputation, job satisfaction, and career growth.

A few programs in paramedical that you can pick and give your career a lift it deserves. Healthcare demand will rise more in the coming years. 


  1. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  2. Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology
  3. Sc. Medical Lab Technology
  4. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  5. Masters in Physiotherapy
  6. Sc. Radiography & Imaging Technology
  7. Sc. Optometry