Scope of an Optometrist

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If you are some-one who is passionate about making a difference in people lives and helping those who are in discomfort, it is a good career path then.

To become an optometrist, the one requires a lot of hard work, diligence, & dedication. A career in optometry offers a high salary, job stability, tremendous potential for development and a decent work environment and a lot of opportunities.

An optometrist is the independent primary health care provider who specializes in eye care & visual health. An optometrist is medical Professional, but not physicians. They focus on regular vision care & prescribe eye glasses and contacts. OPTOMETRIST examine the internal and external structure of the eyes.

OPTOMETRIST can work as post-secondary teachers, occupational / industrial safety programs, consultant in eye care industry or can do research in optometry colleges. OPTOMETRIST can also set-up their own private clinics & work independently. They can also choose a career in sports vision, public health & govt. services or community health centers.