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MSc MLT is a new emerging career that is fast grabbing the attention of aspiring medical professionals.

This is a two-year full-time master’s degree course divided into four semesters. This field is unique because it allows the degree holders to serve in the medical stream without having the MBBS degree. The medical lab technician course makes you eligible to open your own lab. It is an integrated health profession that deals primarily with the diagnosis, preventive steps, curative treatment, diagnosis, and infectious disease-related research through clinical laboratory tests.

After completion of this course, the participants can work as the full-time medical lab technician with any of the private or government hospitals, besides opening one’ lab. You are required to conduct the medical test

collecting the body fluid, cells, part of the chemical composition, anything that has to do with diagnosis. In addition, you are also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of medical instruments that are used in the diagnosis of a patient.

Under this course, two different streams of medical lab professionals are there. These are Technicians and Technologists. 

While technologist has more exposure, experience, and a bachelor’s degree, they are supposed to supervise a technician, and they are perceived as senior in hierarchy.

Medical Technologists are responsible for conducting complex examinations of tissues, blood, and other body fluids. The perform these tests to analyze and evaluate the presence of bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. They also conduct chemical tests to analyze different body conditions based on available reference levels. 

Medical Technicians is a junior profile, and the technicians operate under Medical Technologists or supervisors. Their main task is to conduct lab tests following the given instructions, prepare specimens, and operate lab machines.

The career prospect, according to the bureau of labor statistics (BLS), there is 13% year on year growth predicted by the year 2026. Normally the course fee that one pays in 2 years can be recovered in the first year, and there is no end to the final income. With sincerity and dedication, one can witness exponential growth and establish oneself as the key lab professional who can help in predicting the diseases and play an important role in early detection of a disease and also in preventive care.

With the emerging of new diseases every now and then, it is also essential that the MLT masters will have to keep an eye at the emerging trends and technologies. They will have to ensure that one keeps oneself updated with the emergy clinical technology. It is not just the knowledge of existing technology and the procedures. Because of the dynamic nature of the medical field, one has to constantly upgrade the knowledge. It is important and holds true for all other professionals still when it comes to medical professionals; the challenge becomes manifold. 

Career options after MSc MLT course:

We are giving a brief overview of some of the career options which is available to the prospective students after completing MSc MLT.

Lab Technician

This role requires the aspirant to be a part of a hospital or health research laboratory and use his or her subject knowledge in establishing systems and expanding services. The aspirant is supposed to maintain the quality of processes for quality health diagnosis and research in different areas like clinical trials, disease surveillance, infectious diseases etc. 

Healthcare Administrator

The role of the healthcare administrator includes administration of the diagnostic process, preparing and planning rosters, scheduling shifts of staff and technicians. The administrator is supposed to maintain the log of seamless coordination of all laboratory activities including specimen collection, transportation, storage, sample processing, allocating lab resources, analyzing and ensuring shipment of lab items to other laboratories along with communication and coordination between the various study teams, external partners, service agencies and vendors.

Laboratory Manager

This position requires managerial competence and requisite knowledge of safety requirements in the lab. It also requires an understanding of lab procedures to ensure that laboratories operate smoothly. A lab manager is supposed to schedule staff, reorder supplies and maintain security standards. It offers a challenging role to the incumbent lab managers to excel in lab management around clinical trials, disease surveillance, infectious diseases etc. 

Medical Lab in Charge

The medical lab in charge profile is similar to that of the Medical Technologists. They train the lab technicians to use lab instruments properly. Besides ensuring the upkeep and regular maintenance, they are also responsible for buying and procuring lab products. They have to prepare order lists and place a timely order. They are responsible for all the lab equipment.

Drug Safety Associate

The drug safety associate is responsible for verification and validation of the safety reports at par with the standard operational procedures. They play an essential role in evaluating the risks of drug usage and evaluate the benefits of neutral research parameters. 

Medical Technologists

Medical Technologists are experts who differentiate between normal and abnormal body fluid components. Their role is to safeguard the patient by detecting possible hazardous fluids inside the body. The medical technologists are supposed to maintain the quality of processes and ensure quality health research in clinical trials, disease surveillance, infectious diseases etc.